Some Things

#poetry #prompt #25 Some things never change, Some moments never die. Some feelings never fade, Some faces always there in eye. Some path feets wants to follow, Some dreams you want come true. But, holding your hand together, Only one can hold your heart forever. Advertisements

Close To Nature

  This picture here is the evidence to that few hours before we were so close to nature.And the impact was so good that I couldn’t stop my self to describe its beauty in words.. Through the tree’s brances, The sunlight filtering down. And water appears in the lake, Like many pearls floating around.

To My Amazing Readers ,Followers And Bloggers Friends

Hello everyone!I really don’t know how and from where to start my point.Today I woke up with a thought that I would show my love,appreciation and care to all my amazing followers,readers and bloggers friends for their support. Every single like,view,follow and comment meant a lot to me.It inspires me motivates me and make me…Read more »