“5 amazing  task for your distance Valentine” 

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Being in a long -distance  relationship  can be as fulfilling  as it is occasionally infuriating. Going months without an in person visit  with your loved one can feel like a deal breaker, and scheduly Skype dates, chats and calls doesn’t always feel super romantic. 

So,in the interest  of inspiration  we’ve rounded  up 5 amazing task you can do besides gifting and video call to your Valentine or you can make him/her to do the same from distance for you. 

  1. Ask your Valentine to propose you with the means of FM radio or through any other types of media,according to your interest.
  2. Ask your Valentine to make a video  clip of at least 5 strangers with saying that your Valentine really loves you a lot.
  3. Ask your Valentine to post a original snap of his/her handwritten material like  letter with your name, card for you or sketch of you in social media. 
  4. Ask your Valentine to  donate some gifts to any nonprofit organization with your name written in every gift pack. 
  5. Or you may ask your Valentine to sing a romantic song in front of his/her staff, family or friends.And make sure,it can be heard by you too.

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