A Beautiful Sorry Letter

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​O dear… I feel the distance is growing between us day by day.I am sorry for what I have done till yet,but this is not my fault.

Don’t know why these things happens to me always?

Whenever we get some hours to come closer,having a pleasant chat discussing about our future, and the chat begins to take its beautiful turn, in the mean while don’t know how? I do something silly by mistake like fall asleep, change of topic or mere joking all the time ,which is wrong and seems to be very careless  and awefull being  in a relationship.

Yeah! I know am little careless about our relationship,the reason is you,you and only you.

The affection and care you gave to me is something that a girl can only dream about it.With you I feel like princess,a girl without any worries without any fear of losing her partner.The pain of losing you will be too hard to endure. I ask forgiveness and promise will never repeat these silly mistakes in future hopefully we can be happy again.

    Your beloved



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