A big supplement of satisfaction for me

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Whenever, I saw children begging,seeing their pathetic condition, my heart filled with tears.No clean clothes to wear, no books  to read and no food to eat.

How could one can survive like this ?Extremely vulnerable children can be seen begging on the streets and this is a glaring reality in every corner of country like India. 

Being a kindhearted person I used to donate money to NGOs  or gave some coins, pen, pencil or sweets to the children living there. 

Then a question came to my mind,Is this the right way to help these children? Or can we do something  better than this?but what else one can do? 

As we can’t interfere with any organization (NGOs) working. We can only give suggestion to them, can’t force to implement it. 

At one point I realized the power of education.As in the words of Nelson Mandela-

“education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

 It is the best charity ever. The person who is teaching to an underprivileged is doing the best charity –


















“As education gives the power of analyzing things”


There are few organizations working for this noble cause.Society for Child and Development (scad foundation) is among one of them working for the hope of these poor children, and I love for being a part of this organization.

Many people linked to our organization as volunteers and donate their precious one hour time from their daily routine to teach the children who can’t afford education. Our team continuously keeps interacting with people having new ideas and try to implement those.Currently, we have not that much fund and a big team to cover all areas nearby, for this noble cause but I’ll never put my weapon down 

As associating with scadfoundation is a big supplement of satisfaction for me 



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