Something more than affection 

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#poetry #prompt #06 There is no love;there is no faith,

There is no one; who makes me feel alive.

There is no way; there is no ray,

There is no one; who makes me smile.

       Why did you let me go?

       Did you find in me any flaw?

       Harsh as mistral wind, is she?

       Without caring the native       

       residents, that blows free.

       Temperament as steep and 

       lofty cliffs,

       Immovable through any drifts.

Impels heart that loved her rather say,

She is soft and pulpy as a clay.

Voice I catch,as a water rolling down, 

From spring with soft murmur sound. 

Always refreshing and appealing,     

Reason for the heart bound.

      Beauty reminds me of morning 


      Cherish and make up with 

      smile beautifully.

      O dear,hope of arrival is 

      enough for my survival.

      Breaks for her ephemeral

      ignorance my love not so 


Not so shoppy yet, forced to accept me 

for my compassion.

That’s why going apart, still waiting by 

her side,

something more than affection


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