Meeting An Old Friend

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Meeting an old, dear friend has its own charm,no one can beat that magical feeling ,who you have not seen for a long time.

  1.  You notice differences in a friend’s appearance and compare it with how he/she has looked in your memories and how he/she has changed since the last time we met….yaar tu Mota ho gaya 😂
  2. The sequence of blaming each other for not keeping in touch…tu b to call kr sakta tha,ghr to pta hi tha aa jata milne😏
  3. Your unsettled debate which remains unsettled after all these years…galti teri thi ok.😒 
  4. You praise each other for their achievements….kya baat😉
  5. You reveal something you hadn’t before..mujhe pta tha yaar  bt 😞
  6. You recollect some of your embarrassing moment..vo punishment yaad hai 😫
  7. You remember what he/she likes or dislikes..tu abhi b yahi chabata rehta hai 😝
  8. You plan for the next meeting..diwali me milega😛
  9. You put that last question.. Yaad aayi b meri kabhi😎
  10. During the meeting that nonstop  smiling and pouring positive emotions to each other..😌😊

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