The Two Love Soul (part-2)

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#Story (part-2) Thomas and James was the most beautiful and loving couple of there time and everything was going too well till that night.

The last night  before their marriage they both had a bitter conversation.

As the James was moving to the another place,soon after marriage according to her job’s contract.

Thomas don’t wants, let her go so far from him.

And after few hours of argument,without going to any conclusion both moved to their homes.

And the very next morning, James wearing a bridal gown looking like a princess, holding a bouquet of flower in her hand  waiting for her love to come and marry her  at the church.

No calls, nor a single massage from the other side.

She was in gloom, started praying for his arrival.

Time goes on tinkling and no one came.

And after few hours of waiting  she was sure that might Thomes  cheated her for the only reason.

She was in depression walked outside and started running throughout  the main road.. In no control.

In a while a car came across and to save the lady the car’s driver move the car to the wrong side and gone through an accident.

Here,Thomas the man in the car who saves the James life.

And on the other hand James without knowing who was in the car,seeing that drastic accident become mentally disturbed  with no voice…


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