#Haiku – Waves And Worries 

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girl-sea-beach-young-52522.jpegThis is my first attempt to Haiku poetry. 

“Elaborating Human behavior with means of nature.”

Hope you all like it.

Have a nice day! Thank you!

#Haiku #poetry  #24 #waves #worries


High tide waves.

Drifting away my worries.

Cracks the offshore.



  1. How can you use such stupid app?😂 It’s boring . I wrote a line and the other one added “as pizza with cheese” and the third line was the hilarious lmfao “my Lamborghini at peace “😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


  2. Kool beans! Makes sense all of us have a different perspective through which we view life and translate our thoughts on paper. The mistake made in interpreting another’s poem is by imposing one’s own perspective resulting in misunderstanding what the poet/poetess intended. 🙂

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  3. I like your valuable thought on my first haiku poetry.Thank you so much …but here I am not just trying to describe a scene on seashore but through that scene I am elaborating a tense state of mind..with means of symbols like high tide ,waves,cracks,offshore.May be it little bit confusing ..In simple words I am trying to say that high tide waves of emotion from my heart…is so powerful that it cracks the offshore while drifting my worries away..means a reaction is coming out of the action of drifting away.

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  4. This is really good especially for a first try. 🙂 In the last line I think that caress would be a better fit as opposed to crack because the word crack is a violent metaphore. Whereas caress would continue the soothing aspect of line two yet sum up the entire poem.

    Think of your poem as circle:

    Your standing on the seashore watching the tide come in listening to the gente waves

    The sound of the waves flowing in and receding causes you to relax washing away your worries

    As they gently caress the shore

    A crack happens when something gets hit and would startle you out of the mood created by lines 1 and 2 but the word caress would not only continue the thought of line 2 it leads back to line 1 summing up the entire poem and completing it as a circle.


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