A letter no one will ever receive.

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Dear someone,
It’s been a long time since i last saw you. In other words, its been a long time since i’ve felt alive.
The only time i’m smiling these days is when i’m thinking of you.
See, i never believed in love at first sight and i don’t believe even now.
But i remember the first time i saw you. I remember the day, what you wore and how you exactly looked. It felt like the time stop for a while.
I was so lost in your beauty that i constantly kept thinking about you for days, nothing else but you only.
And i don’t mean that i was mesmerized by your looks only, though it played a part i was astonished by your personality.
Your sense of humor, your kindness and the way you know to handle things without showing any stress on your beautiful face.
Everytime you…

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