The Big Bad Moon

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No Purpose Club

Dear Earthlings

I hope you got your binoculars ready to see a spectacle? I can feel your attention totally towards me now. Yes, I am far away, but thanks to the gravitational pull, I can feel you all. Looking up at the sky 20 times per hour. Why suddenly are you doing this? No no, not because the almighty sun has risen on the west. It’s because some bunch of NASA scientists foretold today would be a special lunar eclipse. Today, rather tonight, I will be Super, I will be Blue, and I will be bloody Red !!

Now I have a few confessions to make to you freaks out there. Firstly, I never enjoy an eclipse. Why will I huh? That glorious Sun plays you into this. The sun, the earth and me come in the same line, thus Earth shadowing me for moments. This hurts a lot. An…

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