She Waited for Me…

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Growing Self

I recall the blackness, as if it were just moments ago…
darkened woods, lifeless remains, howling winds.
The heavens, peppered with starlight, too frozen to twinkle,
carried frigid breath, as my eyes released salty sorrow.
Encased by a deep chill-
Although my hands and feet were deadened from Winter’s icy grip,
my heart ached, as death lingered all to near.

My friend was no longer alive;
she was just breathing.
Lifeless moments held space and time,
while her eyes gazed beyond what I could humanly witness.
The boundaries had blurred between life and death,
while a haunting shadow reflected along the frozen earth.
No longer willing to dance…
to live…
to flourish…

She waited, as shallow breaths warmed my icy tears,
for me to say goodnight…


Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


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