George Everest trek:- Christmas treat to self

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Colonel Sir George Everest the first Surveyor General of India (from 1830 through 1843) on whom the highest mountain in the world i.e. The Mount Everest is named after once owned a house in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India. Yes, you read that right; he purchased it, sight unseen, from General Whish and lived there for about 11 years.

The house, unused for ages, and left neglected was home to the great surveyor and the location surrounding it was later transformed and popularized into a famous sightseeing cum picnic location in the Queen of Hills named George Everest. So, this year on Christmas I decided to trek to the famous George Everest at Mussoorie to celebrate the spirit of Christmas admist the clouds at the surmounting height of 700m above msl.

All set and positive from the weather day before I step out from Dehradun finding clouds awaiting which sours my mood, yet firm on the decision to finally break…

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  1. I loved reading your post, my partner is climbing Mt Everest this year and I’ve just published a post about lots of random facts about the mountain, including how it was named.

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