Your Love No More At Risk

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#Poetry #Prompt #37

Call me twice,

With your soothing voice.

Tickle my hair,

Slowly slowly with care.

Hold my body,

Be somewhat naughty.

Kiss my cheeks,

Your love no more at risk.



  1. No sweat. I have both taught English (tutor it too…but not lately) AND had an Engllish teacher for a mother. any one who claims English is an easy language is lying to you! I also don’t trust that spell Check. I use a lot of older words and idioms—You.d think they’d program those in! Fair Lady—thou art graciousness herself! πŸ™‚

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  2. Haha…you are right ..I think I didn’t recheck my post ….I actually typed it as tickle but might it by mistake that it typed as tinkle in place of tickle..Actually there was no repetition of that word in the whole poem… That’s why might not notice…by the way..thank you so much.. I will edit it

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  3. My dear fellow blogger–might want to check the spelling here—“tinkle my hair” would sound better as “tickle my hair’, WHY WOULD A LOVER WISH TO PEE ON HIS OR HER LOVER’S HAIR? SEE WHAT I MEAN? (insert a shocked face)

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